DJ LeSpam, aka Andrew Yeomanson, led a fascinating listening session of Miami vinyl Wednesday August 10, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. Not sure how many people outside Miami are aware that back in the 1970s, and before, well before there was a Gloria and Emilio Estefan or a Miami Sound Machine, there was a Henry Stone, TK Records, and a soulful Miami sound. Yeoman played some rare vinyl, both LPs and 45s, featuring music by artists such as Betty Wright, George McCrae, Timmy Thomas, and Clarence Reid, but also non TK artists such as The Spiritual Harmonizers and the, umm, idiosyncratic Lang Cook.
Stone, now in his 90s, once told me “TK was the Motown of the South. ” I was new in Miami and at first dismissed it as hype. Well, he wasn’t braggin’. As they say in baseball, you can look it up.
Or in this case, listen. For staters check
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And here are some samples of DJLeSpam with his Spam AllStars live at home in Miami: