Se gane o se pierda, hay que olvidar pronto“, afirma Pep Guardiola, entrenador del Barcelona.
Win or lose, you have to forget quickly,” says Pep Guardiola, coach of Barcelona.

A few years ago I had the privilege to spend an afternoon with Gil Evans, one of my idols, interviewing him for a profile for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. We were in his small studio in Manhattan, heating up water for a tea and I don’t remember quite how we got there but I asked him how do you live after walking in the moon, after Miles Ahead, or Porgy and Bess or Sketches of Spain.
An Evans, who had an exquisite timing for silence in parson as he had in his music, took his time, finished filing this one nail, looked up and gave me the slightest shrug. “I have a great memory: I forget a lot.”
And we fell silent again, waiting for the water to boil. Tea and a free lesson in zen. On the house.

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