In an e-blast today, pianist Fred Hersh announced a program of free daily mini-concerts available on his Facebook page, beginning Sunday. It is not necessary to have a Facebook to access it.

At a time in which many of us are not only trying to adjust to a “new normal” but also bring back old revolutionary concepts such as solidarity, community, and the common good, we certainly can use all the grace and beauty we can get.

“I hope everybody is safe and healthy and will remain that way. This is an unprecedented challenge to everyone on the planet and we all need resilience and resourcefulness going forward,” reads the message.

“Starting this Sunday, every day at 1pm EST, 10am PST, and 7pm in Europe I will do a live mini-concert of piano music from my home. You can see and hear the concert here:

“You don’t have to “be” on Facebook or sign in to anything to access the concert. Just click the image below. And if you “like” the page you will be notified each day.”

“Wishing you all strength and much love,
Fred ”








If you are familiar with Hersh’s work, you need no further encouragement.
If you have not heard Fred Hersh, you are in for a treat.